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  • Jonty Rhodes and Ryan Maron will be travelling to Malawi on behalf of the Cricket School of Excellence to help prepare the Men’s team for the Africa Cricket Cup in August 2019.

  • The Lord’s Taverners Australia, Northern NSW and Malawi Cricket Union continue partnership for the 2nd year. The next intern will be assisting the MCU and TCA programs during the second half of 2019.

  • The MCU supports two of its senior members to travel to Nairobi to undertake a week-long training course where they will obtain their Cricket South Africa level 1 coaching certificates.

  • Malawi Men’s side regain world ranking, now 60th in the world for the twenty over format.

  • Blantyre Girls Primary School cricket players joined forces with Malawi Cricket Union to cheer sick children at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre - The Daily Times 21/03/2019.

  • Women’s National Cricket team get first win and first world ranking at Botswana Ladies Tournament 2018


Installation of Computers and Wifi Modems to Blantyre Cricket Schools

The Malawi Cricket Union are using educational technology to incentivize schools to grow the sport of cricket across Malawi. The Keepod device is a slim USB containing a Chromium Operating System that allows recycled computers to be shared among many users. Through the generosity of Skyband, SHIFT.IT and the desire to grow cricket in Malawi from The Cricket Academy, a complete package of hardware, software and internet is provided to schools who have proven their commitment to growing cricket at their school.

Schools with the Keepod device had the opportunity to live stream of all Malawi Men’s Cricket matches at the ICC T20 World Cup and Africa Cup Qualifiers in late 2018 on the Malawi Cricket Live Youtube channel which is open to the public to view. The Cricket Academy aims to deploy more Keepod devices across the country including cricket schools in Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. The spread of these devices allows more Malawian schools to access educational tools on the internet as well as improve their cricket programs.

Malawi Men’s National Cricket Team Selected for 2018 International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 World Cup Qualifiers & 2018 Africa Cricket Association (ACA) T20 Africa Cup Qualifiers

The Malawi Cricket Union (MCU) is extremely excited to announce the selection of the Malawi men’s national cricket team who will be participating in the 2018 International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 World Cup Qualifiers taking place from 26th October to 5th November & 2018 Africa Cricket Association (ACA) T20 Africa Cup Qualifiers taking place from 6th November to 16th November. Both these prestigious tournaments will be taking place at the BCA Ovals in Gaborone, Botswana.

Participating nations at these two prestigious tournaments include:

1. Botswana, 2. Lesotho, 3. Malawi, 4. Mozambique, 5. Namibia, 6. St. Helena, 7. Swaziland, 8. Zambia

“This is a truly historic year for Malawi Cricket as it is the first ever Malawi will be playing in a World Cup Qualifier and Africa Cup Qualifier.  To have this opportunity is a great honor and to represent Malawi at these two prestigious tournaments is an even greater privilege, we are preparing the team as best we can and making the most of the time and resources that are available to us”.  Said Mr. Vivek Ganesan the President of the Malawi Cricket Union.

Mr. Andre Botha, Malawi Cricket Union’s CEO and former World Cup cricketer is the Head Coach of the Malawi Men’s National Team. While speaking to him he said,

“As Malawi cricket is growing very quickly in the country the Malawi men’s team are in the process of preparing for their back to back Regional ICC T20 Qualifier and African Cup Qualifier. Preparations are going very well and the players are offering up a lot of their free time to attend the different camps that the Union is running. The players are willing to put in the time and effort on their own accord to prepare themselves as best as possible and that by itself is already a win for me”.

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Teaching life skills through cricket since 2010. 

The Cricket Academy is an education program that uses cricket as the means. We don't just teach the sport we love: cricket. We teach life, people and leadership skills. We teach teamwork, responsibility and discipline. We teach skills that our players and students require to be successful in today's fast moving world.



We want our sport to grow in participation. We want to succeed on the global stage. We want to deliver economic impact. We want to be recognised for our outstanding governance practice. We want every Malawian to be able to play cricket.

In order to compete against the top teams in Africa and the world, play in World Cup Qualifiers and possibly, one day, the World Cup itself. To give us the best chance of achieving this, our foundations have to be strong. Education is the key to building a sustainable future for cricket in Malawi. 

Download our 2021 Strategic Plan here


Cricket in Malawi has come enormously far in a short space of time. Our goals are ambitious, but the passion, dedication, skill and experience of all those associated with The Cricket Academy and the Malawi Cricket Union; players, coaches, volunteers, staff, commercial partners, funding partners and committees, give us the confidence to reach high.

1. Grow the game

Significantly increase the popularity of cricket in Malawi, and the number of people playing it, with an emphasis on attracting youngsters. Targeting new areas for expansion through a coordinated coaching and development infrastructure. 

2. Bolster the game

Strengthen the standard of the game in Malawi and reduce the gap between international teams and domestic cricket by introducing a first class equivalent structure.

3. Support the game

Give our international teams the best chance of winning by providing the best possible support structure to our teams.

4. Lead the game

Provide strong leadership for the game in Malawi, continue to uphold the highest standards of governance and groom our players to ensure we sustain the strength of our sport.


In 2010, we started off with one team of 11 players and one cricket kit. Today we have over 100 schools in our development programs with more than 3,500 boys, girls, men & women participating.


"The cricket field is our classroom."



In 1920 the Nyasa-land Cricket Club (NCC) was established. Became the Cricket Club of Malawi (CCM) after independence in 1964. Between 1964 and 2000 Malawi participated in a number of regional tournaments annually such as the East & Central Africa Championship which Malawi won in 1992 and the Africa Zone Six Championships. There was also numerous tour to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London and by the MCC to Malawi.

In 2002 Malawi participated in the Africa Cup in which 10 nations took part. They came last in the group, losing all 4 matches. Malawi Became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council in 2003 and has since been known as the Malawi Cricket Union (MCU), the official governing body for cricket in Malawi. International debut came the following year in the African affiliates championship, where Malawi came fourth.

Malawi participated in the equivalent tournament in 2006, Division Three of the African region of the World Cricket League, once again coming fourth. In Oct 2009 Malawi hosted the WCL Africa Div. 3 tournament, beating all participants to win the tournament. Malawi was promoted to WCL Africa Div. 2 for the next tournament in Benoni, SA. However, struggled at this level, finishing last in 2010 and 2011.

Unfortunately, the Malawi Cricket Union (MCU) was suspended from the ICC in 2011 for mismanagement and poor governance practices.

The Cricket Academy (TCA) has been established to benefit, as practically and extensively as possible, the development of grassroots level cricket in Malawi particularly in schools and low-income areas of Malawi.

The Cricket Academy (TCA) programs have evolved since 2010, we started off to develop Cricket in Malawi and today we are an Education program that uses Cricket as the means. We are not just teaching Cricket we are teaching life, people and leadership skill, as well as team work, responsibility & discipline. Traits that one requires to be successful not just at Cricket but in today’s fast-moving world.

Education is the key to building a sustainable future for cricket in Malawi. Our main target groups are public primary & secondary school children who do not have adequate support structures for sports development.

The Malawi Cricket Union in partnership with The Cricket Academy was reinstated to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2014. With a new board and a fresh and transparent grass roots approach with an emphasis on building a sustainable, exciting future for cricket in Malawi that will inspire all involved in the sport.

The Cricket Academy in partnership with the Malawi Cricket Union is also responsible for all development, administration, training of player & support personal for cricket in Malawi. One of our main objectives is putting in place sound structure and an efficient pathway for all players from primary school cricket to international cricket.



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